Maize varieties for Northern Europe

Nordic Maize breeding primarily focuses on the Northern European very early silage maize market. By combining maize elite and open source germplasm from multiple international breeding programs genetic diversity is ensured and an effective platform for innovation and breeding progress is created.

The dutch temperate but windy sea climate offers a perfect base for screening maize varieties and inbreds for the Northern European regions. The Nordic Maize breeding program primarily consists of breeding early flint inbred lines, very early F1 maize varieties (FAO 150-200) and specialty maize varieties for e.g. the organic market, high digestibility corn, inter cropping and white corn for e.g. young cows and poultry farming.

Nordic Maize breeding varieties combine a very high starch level with a very good cell wall digestibility and earliness. This combination of characteristics is quite rare on the market. Early varieties tend to have a low digestibility and a high starch level is rarely combined with a high cell wall digestibility. The result is a very powerful fodder crop.